Blue -line oil
for modell turbines
specially synthetik oil for the all
model turbines on the market !



                2,5 Liter Can for -   33, -
                5,0 Liter  Can for -   59, -  €
 NEW !  20 Liter Can for 215, - €
                         plus shipping
- FESTO - articles for the turbine equipment from stock!
  Festo.jpg (35739 Byte)
GRW- High precision bearings for the model turbines of every producer ! Price on request! 
New ! The Original Tygon - Hose - yellow direct from USA in 6 mm,  from stock! one m. only 7,50 €
Charging / starting and pressure valves are essential for starting the turbine with gas!
They are suitable for all non-returnable propane/butane bottles like Rothenberger or CFH from the building centers.
This pressure valve is absolutely safe to operate and robust. With FESTO-adapter and 0,5 m FESTO PU - tube at
EUR 48,50 incl. VAT. !NOT MORE ON STOCK !

Fuel filters consist of a special plastic sinter material for tank engineering.

This material is absolutely fuel-resistant and cleanable. The new filters are

excellent usable for fuel systems of  30 to 140 Newton turbines.

A metal ball is integrated in the filter body as pendular weight.

The filters suck to the ground and fit through 1 litre bottlenecks.

Price: 4,80 €/filter


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