A routine service consists of taking the turbine apart and cleaning, which partly takes place in an ultrasonic bath. Afterwards each module becomes tested as to possible damages and abraison. If the assessed damage is serious, the customer will be directly contacted for further arrangements. If not, the bearing will be replaced and the rotor disk balanced. To this the turbine gets assembled and a test run is carried out.


No usage of do-it-yourself spare parts !  Through this customer gets the warrenty of well-engineered devices in case of a replacement !
Installation of original spare parts from respective suppliers only !!


Turbine test runs follow after repair ending. Common electronics are assembled, but  nevertheless it is advisable to attach by sending the own electronics including pump (especially for Jakadofsky, JetCat-RX i, NX, JetCentral, Jets Munt, Lambert Kolibri, King Tech, and Simjet-ECU’s). The consignment will either leave by Deutsche Post, and DHL-service incl. 500 EUR insurance.


Current running time in-house for a standard turbine maintenance takes approx. 3 - 4 weeks after receipt.   „Just in time processing“  

In any case possible changes will be discussed with customer beforehand.


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