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Your professional “partner“


 „Balancing   -  CENTER“

we offer an expertised balancing service

after DIN/ EN ISO 1940“




With our professional and qualified service we provide an opportunity to balance complete turbines or rotor units as an individual component!


The balancing process is carried out on a finest high-precision balancing machine from Schenck-RoTec, with a special software and technical modifications to balance turbines and whose components for thrust categories from 10 to approx. 400 Newton !


Our priority is to concentrate on achieving highest quality balancing service!


With the „dynamical“ high-precision balancing we can balance complete turbines, rotor units consisting of turbine wheel, shaft, compressor wheel (radial compressor) as well as attachment parts, up to 4 levels coevally, and to the “smallest accessible rest unbalance” (KER)“ from 0.005 gmm up 0.05 gmm



We realise a balancing after your wishes at:                   


- bearing center distances up to 280 mm

- turbine or rotor weights up to 6 kgs

- diameters up to 150 mm maximum


Info, term of "Balancing"!




Prices for balancing service or fee balancing beyond our maintenance

offers are available on request !!



We render a balancing service for turbines of all makes !!



Balancing-CENTER Info-mail:


Please call or fax: + 49 5161/4142


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